Saturday, September 6, 2008

House of Pleasure

Musical talents of Willi Ninja

Chop N'Chan presents: House of Pleasure, featuring Willi Ninja and Diana Garcia.

Aside from House of Pleasure, Willi Ninja had other connections to the recording industry. He appeared in several music videos for commercially successful pop artists, such as Queen Latifah and Malcolm McLaren.

Here is a pic from a special tribute video to Willi Ninja, which I have motified using Picasa.

Silhouette of the dancer, choreographer, and style coach Willi Ninja.

House of Pleasure is the name of a dance track single released by Endorfun.


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1 comment:

exModia Staff said...

Oh child he had more than that! Mother Willi recorded his own album. Deep In Vogue was the single, which he asked me to get a copy of for him because (can you believe it) he didn't own a copy.

exModia Staff