Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Poses on the Runway: Another early example of voguing: 'Deep In Vogue'

Willi Ninja was featured in the music video for the song 'Deep In Vogue'

"In 1989, [Malcolm McLaren released] the album Waltz Darling, a funk/disco/vogueing inspired album. Waltz Darling ... helped to spread the news about the previously underground practice of vogueing" (see the Wikipedia page for the complete, unedited information about Malcolm McLaren).

The music video for 'Deep In Vogue' (from the album Waltz Darling) featured the dancer and choreographer, Willi Ninja. In this music video, dancers paraody the poses of runway-fashion models.

Ballet Neo dance company also performed 'Deep In Vogue'

The dance company BalletNeo performed Malcolm McLaren's hit with a troupe of 6 dancers, using vogue choreography, in an undated video posted on YouTube.


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