Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creolo (B. Ames Mix)

Vogue Evolution: Creolo (B. Ames Mix)

I found this amasing video on YouTube of Vogue Evolution, a dance troupe that competed in Season 4 of the MTV reality series, "America's Best Dance Crew."

Vogue : est Dance Crew

est 2010 (dance crew es) vogue

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jolin Tsai - Voguing YouTube Copycats

The Honey Trap music video has inspired Jolin Tsai's fans to create their own vidéo clip versions on YouTube.

We all saw the YouTube phenomenon that happened when Beyoncé's fans made their own versions of Single Ladies, including this famous internet sensation and the one that went very, very wrong. Now, that same social media trend is happening with Jolin Tsai's new music video.

Jolin Tsai's new hit music video for Honey Trap is creating a world-wide community of fans, who have been moved to learn the voguing choreography used by Ms. Tsai's. Here are other fans, who have reinterpreted Honey Trap in the form of their own vidéo clips.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jolin Tsai - Honey Trap

The music video "Honey Trap" by Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai : ''Give me your satisfaction.''

Jolin Tsai, a pop singer from Taiwan, has released a new album called, Myself, and a sizzling music video for her equally hot song, ''Honey Trap.''

On MuuMuse, it was reported :

While the song is pure, pumping electronic goodness, the video makes the experience even better. Directed by Korean director Cha Eun Taek (which probably explains why this feels like a K-Pop music video), Tsai goes Vogue-meets-Star Trek on the set of Bad Romance in this very hip, very futuristic dance-infused visual treat. And that dance breakdown at the end? Girlllll.

''According to her Wiki page, Tsai even took lessons with 'vogue teacher' Benny Ninja of America’s Next Top Model to make sure she got those authentic hand moves down. Now that is some realness.''

The influences of the Ball community continue to reach all around the world : to Taiwan and back. It's now been over 20 years since Madonna released her music video for Vogue, and here comes an energetic Taiwanese singer, who is embracing voguing -- and making it fashionable all over again.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's a Flow Affair

Are you flowing ?

Flow Affair is an historic art film about the New York City flagging, fanning, and floguing dance communities. The documentary captures the passing down of a 30-year-old Greenwich Village disco dance tradition. Keep coming back for updates. Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek at the documentary :

Flow Affair,Wolfgang Busch,Floguing,Dance,Choreography,Flagging,FanningMark Stewart flagging on the banks of the Hudson River at dusk.

Flow Affair,Wolfgang Busch,Floguing,Dance,Choreography,Flagging,FanningMykel putting on a show.

Flow Affair,Wolfgang Busch,Floguing,Dance,Choreography,Flagging,FanningThe performance piece entitled, The Red Lion. Art by Davey.

Flow Affair,Wolfgang Busch,Floguing,Dance,Choreography,Flagging,FanningMykel and David Grosbin are fanning.

Flow Affair,Wolfgang Busch,Floguing,Dance,Choreography,Flagging,FanningAaron Enigma is Floguing.