Sunday, May 18, 2008

Haute Couture on YouTube

YouTube user builds impressive collection of Fashion Show videos

If you want to know what the world's fashion designers are up to, check out the videos being posted on YouTube by J'adore Haute Couture.

With over 1,100 videos uploaded onto his YouTube account, the YouTube account user, identified as Tomas, is presenting what could arguably be one of the most exhaustive collections of fashion show footage available over the Internet.

Here is a recent upload of Versace's Fall Winter collection as presented at Fashion Week in February 2008 in Milan.

Not only can you check out the fashions that designers are creating for their shows, but you can also listen to the songs and music they select for the runway.

UPDATE: Read our exclusive, two-part interview with the user who has posted over 1,100 videos on YouTube; his profile name is J'adore Haute Couture.


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