Monday, August 11, 2008

Painted: Fur is Murder

Painted:  Fur is Murder -- the Ninja Ball in Chicago


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Saturday, August 9, 2008

An unforgettable night in Ball History

The Greatest Ball on Earth

The Greatest Ball on Earth was held on Saturday, August 2, 2008 at the Frederick E. Samuel Center, 669 Lenox Avenue in New York City. The Greatest Ball on Earth was organized as a Grand Ball and Benefit.

A total of 40 categories were available for competition. Proceeds from the Ball benefitted the House of Manolo Blahnik Scholarship Fund, Harlem United, and the Greatest Ball on Earth Book Project.

Making their entrance at the Ball, Patricia Field and Andre J., among others.

Legendary Andre Mizrahi was among the Legends, Icons, and new-comers who turned out to compete and support the Greatest Ball on Earth, an event organized by Terence Legend International.

Andre Mizrahi

Fashion designer Richie Rich attended the Greatest Ball on Earth to show his support for the Ball community.

At left, fashion designer Richie Rich

Andre J., one of New York's celebrated "it" people, showed up. Pictured below, Andre J. is with a friend. During the Ball, Andre J. sat at a prominent table headed by the designer, Patricia Field.

Andre J. and Friend

Lifetime achiever and Ballroom Hall of Famer Kevin Omni was on-hand, and he greeted fashion designer Patricia Field, the latter who is credited by Time magazine with helping to introduce the Ballroom scene into mainstream pop culture. Here, Mr. Omni and Ms. Field appear with filmmaker and community organizer Wolgang Busch.

Kevin Omni, Patricia Field, and Wolfgang Busch

Also at the Ball was the dancer Jose Xtravaganza, who was "Vogue" choreographer for Madonna. Mr. Xtravaganza was one of the principal dancers in Madonna's music video for "Vogue," and he was also featured in her successful documentary, Madonna - Truth or Dare. Patricia Field is a fashion designer, who recently was the distinguished costume designer for the hit series, Sex in the City.

Jose Xtravaganza and Patricia Field

After half of the categories had been judged, Terence Legend International presented awards to various individuals for their contribution to the Ball community. Here, Wolfgang Busch holds his award; standing next to him is Terence Legend International.

Terence Dixon and Wolfgang Busch

Former Mother of the House of Xtravaganza, Carmen Xtravaganza received a tremendous reception from the audience. Carmen Xtravaganza is a transgendered beauty and one of the most respected mothers of houses in the Ballroom community.

Carmen Xtravaganza

Fashion is important at Balls. Wearing a fishnet body suit and in pumps, Omar attracted a lot of attention, even when just making the rounds.

Representative from House of Field:  Contestant in the categroy of Butch Queen Runway up in Pumps.

Later in the competition, Omar, who is a member of the House of Field, would go on to win in the category of BQ Runway up in Pumps.

House of Field

Winner in the category of FQ Legendary Face with an Iconic Attitude was Carmen Xtravaganza.

Carmen Xtravaganza

To find out about other individuals, who are important in the Ball community, please visit the How Do I Look website.


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