Thursday, January 31, 2008

Passionately dancing on a stage, and invoking of a runway

Since I started this blog, I have found myself really inspired whenever I come across a dance performance on the Internet that shows creativity, artistic progression, and professionalism among dancers. Here is an example of such an inspirational dance performance.

Entitled "Passion Dance Runway," this dance performance was choreographed by Julianne Diaz. In this dance number, I appreciated the use of the stage, so that all five dancers could have the space to dance. The music is great ("SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake), and the ladies dance with a powerful confidence.

For more information about these talented dancers, please visit the official Myspace page for Passion Dance Company.


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Anonymous said...

Reminds me a little of Jonte.

NYC News & Analysis said...

Thanks for your comment. I just saw the Jonte video, and I am going to post about it, soon. I see various influences that went into that performance. The Jonte video really is great, as is the song. I'm going to see if I can find "Make Up" on iTunes.